Luke Potter – Something More – Review


Luke Potter from Somerset in England is an accomplished singer songwriter who is armed with the talent, ambition, big dreams and determination to make it huge in music. His songs are meaningful, passionate and sincere about the trials of growing up that we can all relate to and connect with.

I was lucky enough to get a listen to Luke’s new track ahead of its release…..

Lyrically this is heart on your sleeve stuff. To me it’s a tale of uncertainty, looking at everything you have in your life, evaluating it and questioning if you’re on the right path…. then asking yourself if in fact maybe there’s something more you should or could be doing. It’s about wanting to be the best you can be and believing that you will do just that. Most will easily relate to this scenario as I’m sure we’ve all questioned at one point in our lives what we’re doing and where we’re going!

Something More‘ starts off with a ridiculously infectious guitar riff, a riff that runs throughout the whole track….. and believe me once that’s crawled its way into your brain it’s never coming out! The song amps up nicely in the middle section with some tuneful electric guitar which works well in adding another texture. Luke’s laid back vocals are rich, soulful, emotive and elevate the passion in relaying the message of the song.

Although it’s a fairly chilled out relaxed song there’s a pulsating beat throughout so you’ll find yourself tapping those toes and nodding your head along to it. I love the song for its simplicity and the fact it leaves me with a warm and happy vibe. As for the video…. all I’ll say about that is its pretty genius and fits the song perfectly!

There is no doubt this is a very personal, deep and meaningful track to Luke and he certainly puts himself out there and gives the listener an intimate peek into his life…. and for me that’s what great songwriting is all about.

I honestly can’t recommend it enough!

Preview & pre-order it here:

Connect with Luke – Facebook    Twitter    YouTube    Website


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