A year of highs for Sean C Kennedy


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Since I last interviewed singer songwriter Sean C Kennedy he’s done and achieved so much so I thought it was the perfect time for an update on him and his music…..

Sean and bonnie

It’s been a year since our last interview, can you give a brief update of what you’ve been doing?

Its been a great year so far. Christmas last year 2015 I wrote a couple new songs since the album was released Oct 2015. The turn of the New Year felt like a fresh new start of inspiration. Early on I released the single and video, filmed in NYC, for The Girl on Christopher Street.

I’ve been writing new songs and expressing myself more in my work. 2 trips to America and Ibiza performing and writing. It’s been a busy year. I don’t think I’ve written as many songs in a year as much as 2016.

Do you think your style of music or singing has changed since you released 77? If so what’s influenced the changes?

I’ve definitely grown that’s for sure and I’ve been challenging myself when performing and singing. I’m not going for the easy simple route, I want to be able to adapt to any style. My music has definitely taken a turn in style but not miles away. I’m writing the way I’ve always thought but been too afraid to say it. I’m not just saying what I feel.

You’ve been to the US a few times in the last 12 months, what were some the highlights from those trips?

The 1st trip was a dream come true to be honest. Meeting Paul McCartney in NYC and him being cool with signing my guitar. Then meeting my hero Bonnie Raitt in Philadelphia. Also sitting next to Jack White of The Whitestripes and Steve Tyler of Aerosmith…..talk about being on the right path! My recent trip has been a different trip altogether. It was a job to get the work done. Before it was to do the work, be there, to get involved in the scene and expose my talent and what I do. I worked with some great writers and I’ve really enjoyed improving my artistry. The new songs have been an exciting process.

10314650_997034277000828_1825132622252786912_n sean

Having been writing quite a bit lately with various people you must have a fair few new songs amassed, which ones are you most excited about letting people hear?

Well I absolutely love performing Legacy live with the band. Easier is another I’m enjoying. Got a couple more but you’ll have to wait till they’re ready ; )

If you’re stuck for inspiration where do you normally turn? 

I’m never stuck! It’s always right in front of me, I just never opened up as much as now. I don’t think I’ll ever get writers block now.

When can we expect a new album and can you talk us through a couple of tracks you plan to include on it?

2017 for sure! I’m getting a long list together first then I’ll make a move. I won’t know for sure what song’s will be on there but I’m excited about them all. It’s a new direction for me, I want these songs to relate to us all. Everyone!

Legacy is your latest release, for those who don’t know, what’s the story behind this song?

I started out playing in a venue in Ayr called Su Casa where I briefly met Mark Price. Years went by and the weekend of my album release Mark showed up at a show. I came off stage, hadn’t even packed my guitar away and Mark said can I show you a card trick. I said sure, and he blew my mind. We then got talking and we had so much in common growing up as kids, our thoughts and views on life. Mark had contributed to a kick-starter project for The Girl on Christopher street. He was looking for some opening music to his show. Mark performs card trickery and illusion. The chats we had just inspired me.  Myself and my engineer created a 30 second music clip for Mark. I then continued to grow the music and write, turning it into a song. I really found my artistry in writing with this song. Really being myself, writing the way I always thought but had been too afraid to put the thoughts into my song.

Legacy is all about stepping out the comfort zone and leave your own mark here. Challenge yourself and inspire others to express themselves and just be you. Don’t think about what want. Go do or go get what you want. As soon as we arrive here, we’re already gonna die. Remember that! So make your time count in whatever way you want it too.

sean 1 12524212_963374683700121_3283803499609133224_n

I love you’re playing with a full band more often now and that seems to work really well with the new songs you’ve been performing, can you introduce the band to us?

I have a fantastic bunch of guys playing alongside me and it’s a pleasure having them. Conor Smith & Josh Fraser on guitars. They compliment each other so well and it suits what I do. Aidan branch and Ewan Laing play drums for me. The guys play for the song. Alan Langdon on bass. Solid as a rock, plays simple keeps the song in check and always a guy to turn to for any advice. John Blakely on keys, guitars and backing vocals. He’s a machine when it comes to backing vocals. I call him bv King! He also has the best attitude towards music. Love having these guys around.


You’re a bit of a mentor to a few young up and coming singers / musicians… what one piece of invaluable advice would you give to someone just starting out in music?

We’re all inspired by someone or a band. Take what you can from your Hero’s but be yourself. Don’t copy but be inspired. There are no rules!!! Ive found a way to write about my feelings and personal views to inspire as many people as I can. With 10 people in the room I don’t want to just relate my song to 3 of them. I want it to move them all in some way so that my lyrics really make a difference.

What are the 2 most important things you want to have achieve by this time next year?

Write more songs than I did this year.

Play more shows than I did this year.

I very much look forward to both, thanks Sean!

Read previous interview with Sean here – https://shoonycarro.wordpress.com/2015/09/21/1011/

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