Getting personal with Amy Lou

Amy Louise Rogers is a charismatic, witty 17-year-old singer songwriter from Dunfermline. With quirky original lyrics, fresh catchy pop melodies, and a bubbly stage presence she paints a picture of being a young woman who doesn’t exactly fit into a box!

She takes inspiration from the likes of ELO, Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac and Big Country to name a few.

I had the pleasure of seeing her perform at this year’s Edinburgh Festival. Hugely entertaining she encourages her audience to get involved and sing along with her which we were all more than happy to do as it made for a very enjoyable and memorable experience!

With her new single ‘Girl from Dundee’ out now for pre-order I asked Amy Lou about herself, her music, influences and more here’s what she had to say…..

What or who was the biggest influence in you choosing to become a singer / songwriter?

When I was younger I adored (I still do) musical theatre but I simply cannot dance…so I’ve always really wanted to write songs and music that feels at home in a musical…my own musical – an Amy Lou musical!

What age were you when you wrote your first song, what was it about?

My first “serious” song that I’m proud of I wrote when I was 15 and it’s called ‘She Wants To Be A Marine Biologist’. When I wrote the song everyone I was surrounded by was starting to look at university courses and plan out sensible careers when all I’ve ever wanted to do was sit and play guitar and paint and read. I always thought there was something a bit wrong with me because I had no strong career goal (I still don’t) so that’s what the songs about, its admiring that’s it cool that the people around me know exactly what they want to do but it’s perfectly fine if I just want to play guitar. (Clearly a self-aware 15-year-old)

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard your before?

Quirky Acoustic Queer Marine Biologist Loving Folk Pop


What’s the musical dream you’re aiming for?

My favourite thing is when people know the words to my songs! When my friends come to a gig they’re usually the loud ones singing along at the back! My dream is to have that all the time! I love a good sing along!

Every writer seems to have a different approach to this, what’s your songwriting process?

I seem to be lyrics before the actual music, a lot of my songs are very quirky and conversational-y, so usually I’ll just play chord structures and rant about what’s bothering me to the tune of what I’m playing and hopefully somehow I say something good – from this “good thing” I’ll build a song! It’s a really weird process!

Who are your own hero’s, musical or otherwise?

Definitely my Gran! (Shout out to Granny Rogers!) In all honesty she’s such a cool little woman! She inspires me to definitely take the path less beaten and she’s always pushed me into being creative and being who I am through music and art!

If you could collaborate with any artist at all who would it be?

I adore the Proclaimers, so if they want to hit me up any time soon that’d be grand!

What’s been your best musical memory to date? 

I’ve loads of cool and amazing things happen to me because of my music! However, my favourite was at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe! This was a day where I wasn’t busking and I just had one gig (a rarity) so I decided to get an afternoon train which meant it was absolutely packed and I was left standing in the aisle. Me being me, I thought well promotion is promotion, I whipped out my guitar and started playing Proclaimers songs – my friends thought I was absolutely daft but I sold a few CDs and got another gig out of it!


Are you lucky enough to be able to do music full time?

Right now I’m studying events management and promotion, which I’m getting crazy amounts out of and can apply to my own promotion – but when I’m not doing that I spend every second on music, whether it’s writing, rehearsing, gigging or planning!

Describe Yourself in three words?

A bit quirky?

Do you think there’s anything that sets you apart from other singers in Scotland?

I’d like to think I’m very different! My songs are all 100% based on the funny iconic things that happen to me, there’s no poetic metaphors and beautiful words to it with me. It’s straight to the point… I feel this makes me kind of relatable!

You have a great quirky stage presence and are extremely confident and very at home performing live, what big stage would be your dream to play on?

I’m dreaming of playing at Edinburgh Castle on the esplanade that’d be great!


Finally tell us about your new song ‘The Girl From Dundee’ and when it’s out?

Well the single is quite different to what I usually do! A lot of my songs about love before have tried to hide my sexuality and fumble about the subject – this one’s very different! Simply put it’s a love song about a girl I met over the summer and it’s based on conversations I had with my best friend about this girl and what I could do to make her fall for me (the girl did not). Funnily enough she isn’t from Dundee either – she’s actually from Perth but the “The Girl From Perth” doesn’t really have a ring to it does it?

You can pre-order the song now and it’ll be fully available on the 1st of December!

Photo Credit – Hannah Findlay

Connect with Amy Lou – Facebook  YouTube

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