The Low Down – Little Eye at Electric Circus (Review)


I went along to Electric Circus in Edinburgh on 7/11/16 to see Little Eye. They are a band from Glasgow who are beginning to gain attention not only here, but in mainland Europe too.

Little Eye are Allan, Euan, Marcus and Jay. They were formed in 2008 by lead singer Allan. Since then they have a couple of accolades under their belt – Young Scot Unsigned Act Of The Year 2012 and Clyde One In Demand’s 2009 winners of ‘Band Of The Year Award’. They released their first album ‘Fighting The Future’ in  June 2014 after releasing the single of the same name in April 2014, which received postiive reviews on the iTunes Alternative Chart. In 2014 they were invited to open the main stage at the Isle Of Wight festival alongside established artists such as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Waterboys, The Specials, Nina Nesbitt, John Newman and The 1975. Also in 2014 they supported iconic band Blondie at the O2 ABC Glasgow.

In October they released their new single ‘Contagious’ which fitted perfectly with Hallo’ween! I recommend checking out this intriguing and creepy video!

After the gig I caught up with Little Eye front man Allan to find out how he thought the gig went and to ask more about touring and what’s next for Little Eye. Look out for a full band interview coming soon. But first my review.




It was decent sized crowd for a Monday night in Edinburgh. Although Little Eye don’t gig that much here  they are obviously well known and liked here judging by the size of the crowd that was in Electric Circus.

I had known about Little Eye and listened to their music quite a while before I saw them at their headline gig. I had literally days before seen their video for new song ‘Contagious’ and was very impressed by the new single and the unnerving but entertaining video that accompanies it. I was very much looking forward to seeing if their live performance would be of the same standard.

Little Eye I discovered have a very charismatic and enrertaining front man in Allan. They are very good at engaging with the crowd which always gets extra points from me. Songs on the set list included ‘Dreamers’ which I thought was a good song. At one point during a song Allan got off the stage and stood in the crowd watching the rest of the band play a superb instrumental section. Also in the set was ‘Better Than This’ from their debut EP ‘Fight The Future’ and ‘We Are The Kings’. They played ‘Something Out Of Nothing’ which they added was being featured on the  MTV Top 10 in Italy.

Little Eye introduced ‘Contagious‘ by explaining that a month ago they had shot a video with Film Scotland and released it on Hallow’een.They said they had been on a long tour and ‘Contagious’ has been picked up by radio in Italy. It’s a great song, loud melodious rock that I highly recommend checking out.

The last song of the night was ‘Disco’ which I thought was fast, upbeat and funky with drving drums  Allan was doing some dance moves which ended in a forwards flip, he is quite the showman! It was a very rock n roll theatrical ending to a very good gig. Little Eye have gained a new fan.

After the gig I caught up with lead singer Allan who was lovely and kind to take time out to speak to me after the energetic set!




Why have you not played in Edinburgh for a while?

No real reason why. It’s not that we don’t want to play, it’s just that other opportunities opened up; a lot of stuff in Europe. We’ve been gigging in Europe more than Scotland actually. It was a girl who contacted us and wanted us to play this venue, it was at the end of our European dates; we just decided to come and do it because we never play Edinburgh. I think our last time was Studio 24. Because we play Glasgow so much, so we thought we’d do it – come to Edinburgh, beautiful city and why not?

What did you think of the gig tonight?

Yeah it was really good, obviously it’s a Monday night so it’s a very nice and humbling turn out. For us on stage at a venue there’s obviously a few things that artists are pernickety about. But overall, people seemed to enjoy it, so that’s what it’s all about.

So you said that you were on you were on tour in Europe, where were you touring?

The tour spanned over a few months.We set off first and played Germany, France and Luxembourg. We were away for 2 weeks, then we came back for a few weeks. Then we went back out to play Belgium and Holland for 7 days.

And you seem to be doing well in Italy from what you were saying?

Yeah we’re currently signed to an Italian label and that track ‘Contagious’ is getting national radio airplay which is amazing. It’s one of these things ‘our track ‘Something Out Of Nothing’ got picked up in Italy as well. It was getting played on their MTV Rock channel, I think it’s currently number 8 in the top ten rock songs in Italy.which is a quite a cool thing.Then through that they found ‘Contagious’ the new song. It’s getting played on national radio which is quite good and hopefully we’ll be out to Italy next year playing some festivals, keeping our fingers crossed.

Are you going to be gigging more in Scotland as well?

Next year we think we’re going to be doing a Highlands and Islands tour. Places like Inverness, Aberdeen and Dundee, but then we’ll probably finish it off with a big show in Glasgow. It just depends next year on what Europe has to offer us. It’s going to be a busy year next year definitely!

Are there going to be any songs coming out after ‘Contagious’?

Yeah we are actually going down to London to record a bunch of new songs in January. Next week actually we are going up north to a studio with our producer for a week, just to get the songs ready to take down to London. So it’s an exciting time – lots of new music next year.

What’s been your biggest gig to date?

There’s been a few personal ones, we were lucky enough we did 2 shows with Blondie. Just meeting Debbie Harry, playing with such an iconic band! It was probably for me the coolest gig. But the guys would probably say in 2014 we played the main stage at the Isle OF Wight Festival so that’s probably the biggest one. So I’d say I O W main stage is our biggsest gig to date. But I personally prefer the Blondie one because I love Blondie! Even though you are playing a big festival’s main stage, it felt more personal playing 2 shows with Blondie as the only support band. That was quite cool.




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Thanks to Allan for chatting to me after the gig, you must have been tired after that energetic set!

You can find out more about Little Eye on their media:

Little Eye Facebook  Little Eye YouTube  Little Eye Twitter


Little Eye







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