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Josh Taylor – Interview & Review

Just before Christmas last year I had the opportunity to go along to an Alstar Music showcase of young unsigned artists at the Classic Grand in Glasgow. Alstar Music is the brainchild of Simon Dawbarn .a.k.a. Spike from 90’s band 911. I was primarily there to see and interview Manchester born singer/songwriter Josh Taylor.

Classically trained and with an education from well known theatre and acting academies, he is in the pop/rock/classical genres. Josh is a young rapidly rising star of the independent music scene. He set up Cloud9Records & Management, and has toured with up and coming band Road Trip plus The Tide (from California). In addition he has been guest artist with the Glasgow Philharmonia when they played Glasgow City Halls.

Josh Taylor in Glasgow

Josh has released several songs and an album Feeling Stronger, all available here Josh Taylor Music. He has huge numbers of followers on his social media, and was extremely popular with the crowd in the Classic Grand. Not only is he a popular singer/songwriter but he is also a successful actor too, appearing on the BBC and in films as well as in theatre too, and has starred in West End Live at Leicster Square and Traflagar Square in London. In the past Josh has also co-written a play ‘The Wasp’.

He’s done so much it’s hard to list all of his background; I recommend checking out Josh’s website Josh Taylor Music.



My interview with Josh had to be conducted in two parts due to the busy goings on at the gig. Here’s our video interview where we spoke about balancing two careers, songwriting and what his future plans are amongst other things.

The Interview

Josh Taylor Interview

I was very impressed by Josh’s natural performance skills at the Classic Grand (useful on stage and in front of a camera) his great voice, and the rapport he built with the audience. I particularly liked his airing of a new song which sounds like Josh’s music is moving gradually towards a maturer sound. A smart move as he and his teenage following grow and mature too. His natural talent, energy, charm and hint of cheekiness (a t shirt came off at one point!) will see this young musician/actor be successful in whatever he chooses to do. From what I have seen of Josh and through meeting him and the supportive team behind him I am certain he will achieve his goals. He is very down to earth, funny and likeable which will stand him in good stead too!




PR Owls

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My thanks to Josh for agreeing to the interview and also to the team behind Josh for allowing the interview and for filming it. It was good to meet you all and I wish Josh all the best for the future, I’ll look forward to some new music soon.

Thanks also to Katie from Radio Saltire for introducing me to Josh.


Explore Josh Taylor’s music here:

Facebook  Twitter  Myspace


Josh Taylor

Shoony – PR Owls


Josh Taylor YouTube

Josh Taylor team & Shoony


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